Training Resources for Certified Trainers

To access resources, including courses and related topics, visit this link and log in.

*If you obtained your certificate before September 27, 2011, log in here to access trainer’s materials.


Student CourseMedAdminGraphic

The medication administration student course is conducted by certified trainers to certify students to administer medication. The Trainer Dashboard is where certified trainers can create courses and enroll students. Students then log in to the student course and complete the online coursework. Certified trainers can view student progress, including quiz and test scores, in the online student course.

Accessing the Student Course webcast and tip sheet has been developed to assist certified trainers with the online student course.

In addition, a Remediation Clarifications webcast has been developed to provide certified trainers with clarifications and tips related to remediation for students.

To access these resources, certified trainers should log in at Registration & Login and follow this path: Courses>Medication Administration Post Training Materials>Trainer Resources for New Medication Administration Course.

It is highly recommended that certified trainers view these resources prior to training students using the online student course.


If you are a certified trainer, log in at the Trainer Dashboard to create a course and/or enroll students.

If you are either a:

  • Certified trainer who would like to view student progress in a course
  • Student enrolled in a course who would like to continue work in the online portion of the course

Go to the Student Course login page.


If you are student who has a class enrollment key from your trainer, go to the Class Registration Page for Student Self-Enrollment